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Is there an age-level requirement to attend?

Absolutely not!  This event is intended to provide young players with an opportunity to hear and work with world-class artists.  Trombone Choir repertoire will be chosen with all ages in mind.  Should the repertoire prove too difficult for anyone, being surrounded by stronger players can be an invaluable experience for growth.  

Can I pay the Registration Fee that day?

Yes you can.  However, at registration we will only be able to accept cash or checks made payable to the UGA Trombone Studio.  For groups of 5+ wanting to receive the 20% discount, it is actually recommended to pay at registration.  We do ask that you RSVP so that we can have an accurate head count for the day's events. 

Do I need to bring my trombone?

It is recommended for everyone to have their instrument in order to take full advantage of the day's events.  There will be a group warm up session, ensemble reading sessions, and a mass trombone choir performance on the final concert.    

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What are "exhibits rooms"?

These rooms will be for businesses and vendors who will be on location with trombone-related goods and services.  These will range from slide repair to instruments, mouthpieces, and music for sale.  

Is admission to the final concert free?

Yes it is.  However, all other events (including the exhibits) will require a registration tag for entrance. For parents wanting access to the day's events, we offer a discounted combined rate (see the RSVP page). 

Are lunch and dinner included in the cost?

No they are not.  However, for those unable to drive (or who prefer to stay on campus) lunch and dinner orders will be taken and delivered to our location.  We ask that, if possible, you please bring cash. 


Should you need to stay overnight, follow this link for a list of hotels in the downtown Athens area. 

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