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May 26 - 29

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The Georgia Trombone Summit is a four-day workshop hosted by the University of Georgia that features inspirational and meaningful connections between our participants and the Faculty Artists.   


We are committed to providing space where trombonists of all ages and skill levels can meet to expand musicianship through daily interaction within an artistic and engaged community.   We value the collective sharing of ideas, recognizing that we are all on the same path and there are many roads that can help us move past competency and head towards true artistry.  

Our Faculty Artists perform not simply to impress...but to express.  We aim to build stronger connections across musical genres to recognize that creative and pedagogical excellence transcends these labels.  

We hope you will join us at the Summit!



Originally labeled as the UGA Trombone Summit, we started as a one-day event for high school and college trombonists in and around the state of Georgia.  Each year would feature a different guest artist, and include a recital and masterclass, as well as a group trombone choir concert.  Here is a look back:












Beginning in 2018, we wanted to expand our reach and allow for more depth of content -- allowing for greater scope of content involving a wider range of musical genres.  Moving towards a four-day workshop and establishing a returning Faculty Artist Roster, the UGA Trombone Summit was rebranded as the Georgia Trombone Summit.  After a forced hiatus due to COVID-19, we are proudly entering our third year in this dynamic and comprehensive format. 


The  2021 Georgia Trombone Summit will be a Virtual Event featuring performances, masterclasses, discussion groups, warmups, and lessons with our world-class Faculty Artists:   

  • Nicole Abissi | NYC Freelance Trombonist • Stiletto Brass Quintet • Inventor

  • Marshall Gilkes | Grammy Award Winning Composer & Trombonist

  • Stephen Lange | Boston Symphony Orchestra

  • James Markey | Boston Symphony Orchestra

  • Toby Oft | Boston Symphony Orchestra 

  • Josh Bynum | University of Georgia

  • Paul Compton | Oklahoma State University 

  • Brian Conklin | DFW Performer & Educator

  • Casey Thomas | Jacksonville State University



Hover over each photo for a description of daily events!

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