May 26 - 29


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GTS Class & Faculty
GTS Artist Faculty
Daily Exhibits
Edwards Instruments
Daily Quartet Coachings
Toby Oft coaches Matt Scott, Blake Lawson, Jarrad Dickey, and Jordan Stone
Daily Masterclasses
James Markey working with Erica Nichols
Group Sessions
Marshall Gilkes giving feedback to Caleb McMahon, Dominick Viviano, and Austin Pancner
Daily Group Warmups
Led by GTS Artist Faculty
Trombone Choir
Daily rehearsals for the GTS Final Performance
Social Activities
Interaction with GTS Faculty
James Markey speaks with Steve Jessup, Matt Driscoll, Jordan Crimminger, and Vincent Tapia
UGA Trombone Studio
Hosted by the UGA Trombone Studio
Balance of Classical & Jazz
Marshall Gilkes performs a set with the GTS Combo.
Daily Exhibits
Edwards Instruments
Daily Quartet Coachings
Steve Lange works with Andrew Taylor, Leanne Hansen, Joel Clevenger, and Kyle Moore
Orchestral Section Demo
BSO Trombone Section
Quartet Coaching
Brian Conklin works with Calvin Morris, Davis Clark, Ismael Contreras, and Samuel Boeger
Warmup Session
Daily group warmups led by GTS Faculty
GTS Artist Faculty Recitals
Toby Oft
Daily Exhibits
Griego Mouthpieces
Trombone Choir
GTS Mass Choir
GTS Artist Faculty Recitals
Stephen Lange
Orchestral Section Demo
BSO Section with Josh Bynum
Daily Exhibits
Edwards Instruments
Stephen Lange demonstrating for Joel Clevenger
GTS Artist Faculty Recitals
Resonant Projection Trombone Quartet: Josh Bynum, Paul Compton, Brian Conklin, and Casey Thomas
Trombone Choir
Daily Rehearsals
GTS Artist Faculty Recitals
James Markey
GTS Evening Concerts
Marshall Gilkes & the GTS Jazz Combo
Daily Exhibits
Just for Brass: selection of music, mutes, Marcus Bonna cases, accessories, and mouthpieces
GTS Faculty Chamber
Toby Oft, Stephen Lange, Marshall Gilkes, and James Markey
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