Over the past five years, we have been fortunate to host several of the industry's leading artists and teachers from around the country.  In addition to hearing such a high level of artistry, studio members are able to interact with the guest artists in masterclasses and private lessons.


Friday - September 6th

Justin Cook - University of Central Arkansas

Jason Hausback - Missouri State University

1:25pm - Masterclass in Band Hall

6:00pm - Recital in Edge Hall

Friday - November 15th

University of Kentucky Brass Quintet

6:00pm - Recital in Edge Hall

Friday through Sunday - November 15th-17th
Joseph Alessi - New York Philharmonic

Friday @ 1:25pm- Masterclass in Band Hall

Saturday - Studio Lessons & Coaching

Sunday @ 3:00pm - Soloist with Hodgson Wind Ensemble

Sunday @ 7:00pm - Soloist with British Brass Band



Blair Bollinger:  Philadelphia Orchestra - bass trombone

Charles Casey: U.S. Marine Band "The President's Own"

George Curran: New York Philharmonic - bass trombone

Wycliffe Gordon:  International Jazz Artist

Preston Hardage:  U.S. Marine Band "The President's Own"

Nitzan Haroz: Philadelphia Orchestra - principal trombone

Scott Hartman: Yale University; Proteus 7; Four of a Kind

Brian Hecht:  Atlanta Symphony Orchestra - bass trombone

Achilles Liarmakopolous:  Canadian Brass - trombonist

Craig Mulcahy: National Symphony Orchestra - principal trombone

Graeme Mutchler: Utah Symphony Orchestra - bass trombone

James Nova: Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra - utility trombone

Toby Oft: Boston Symphony Orchestra - principal trombone

Gerry Pagano: Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra - bass trombone

Paul Pollard: Metropolitan Opera Orchestra - bass trombone & bass trumpet

Samuel Schlosser:  Atlanta Symphony Orcherstra- principal trombone

James Scott: Calgary Philharmonic

Weston Sprott: Metropolitan Opera Orchestra - second trombone

Colin Williams: New York Philharmonic - associate principal trombone

Ko-ichiro Yamamoto: Seattle Symphony Orchestra & Center City Brass Quintet

Nathan Zgonc: Atlanta Symphony Orchestra - second trombone


Center City Brass Quintet

Maniacal Four Trombone Quartet

Minor IV Trombone Quartet

Mnozil Brass


Garrett Arrowood: Freelance Artist - Atlanta, GA 

Paul Compton: Oklahoma State University - Stillwater, OK

Brian Conklin: Freelance Artist - Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

James Decker: Texas Tech University - Lubbock, TX

Brad Edwards: University of South Carolina - Columbia, SC

Wes Funderburk: Kennessaw State University & Georgia State University

Jonathan Gill: Freelance Musician & Educator - DFW, TX

Tony Hutchins: Morningside College - Sioux City, IA

Ben McIlwain: University of Southern Mississippi - Hattiesburg, MS

Jemmie Robertson: Eastern Illinois University - Charleston, IL

Lee Watts: Freelance Artist - Atlanta, GA 

Jonathan Whitaker: University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa, AL

Jeremy Wilson: Vanderbilt University


Toby Oft:  Boston Symphony Orchestra - principal trombone

Stephen Lange: Boston Symphony Orchestra - section trombone

James Markey: Boston Symphony Orchestra - bass trombone 

Marshall Gilkes: Maria Schneider Jazz Orchestra & International Soloist 

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