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David Cain | Bachelor of Music Education | Senior

David Cain 2.jpg
  • Hometown: Cumming, GA

  • Education:   North Forsyth HS

  • Equipment:  Edwards T-350 HB

  • Mouthpiece: Griego Toby Oft Model

David Cain is a 4th year trombone student currently studying music education at the University of Georgia. David performs with premier ensembles of the university including the UGA Symphony Orchestra, Hodgson Wind Ensemble, British Brass Band, Hodgson Trombone Ensemble, and Redcoat Marching Band.


Prior to his arrival at UGA, David has been a part of many other prestigious programs such as the Georgia Governor’s Honors Program and NAfME All-National Honor Symphony Orchestra. He is also an active brother of ΦΜΑ.


Outside of the university, David does freelance work at churches and high schools as a performer and low brass instructor. He is also currently working to build an online platform on sites like YouTube. In the future, David aspires to be a full time trombone teacher and performer with a strong online presence.


Upon his graduation, David intends to pursue a masters degree in trombone performance, take auditions, and build a private studio.

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