The UGA Trombone Studio is comprised of students from around the country who are both goal-oriented and self-motivated.  Maintaining this standard of excellence is what ensures that the proud tradition of this studio will continue.  The studio maintains a supportive environment of  collegiality, which encourages individual and collective growth - even in competition.  Students are expected to take personal responsibility for their musical growth. 


Members of the UGA Trombone Studio are actively involved in every facet of the instrumental program in the School of Music, performing in virtually every ensemble.   In addition to University commitments, studio members actively pursue outside performance opportunities, including:  solo competitions, summer festivals, orchestral auditions, workshops, and increasing their musical awareness.  





  • In addition to weekly lessons, members of the trombone studio participate in Trombone Choir, Trombone Ensemble, smaller chamber groups, and weekly masterclass sessions.  These opportunites are built into the weekly schedule, meeting on Monday/Friday at 11am, and Friday at 1pm


  • The trombone Choir & Ensemble rehearses twice a week, and performs a wide range of repertoire including arrangements and transcriptions by studio members.  The ensemble serves as a pedagogical tool, reinforcing basic concepts such as blend, balance, intonation, and style.  


  • Chamber groups, such as trombone quartets, promote individual excellence and are more student-driven.  Each group rehearses at least once a week on their own in preparation for a weekly coaching session with Dr. Bynum.  


  • Weekly masterclass sessions are comprised of both topical discussion (history of the instrument, current trends, and pedagogical philosophy) and performance (solo, etude, and mock orchestral auditions).  The studio also hosts a regular series of Guest Artist clinics during this time.


  • There is a weekly group warmup to focus on establishing a consistent and thoughtful routine.  The spring semester features a weekly Orchestral Repertoire class, during which selected students will cover prominent repertoire from both section and audition perspectives.  


  • Prospective students and visitors are welcome and encouraged to attend ensemble rehearsals and masterclass sessions.  Should you be interested, please contact Dr. Bynum in advance for scheduling. 


Steve Jessup

DMA Trombone Performance & Pedagogy

Hometown:  Virginia Beach, VA


  • San Francisco Conservatory
  • Oklahoma State University


  • Edwards T-350E
  • Greg Black 5AL

Notable Accomplishments:  

  • 2018 Aspen ABQ Seminar
  • Finalist - ITA Wiehe Comp.
  • Prize Winner -Big XII Solo Comp.
  • Winner - ITA Quartet Comp.
  • Bulldog Brass Society - Trombone



  • ITA


Fun Fact: I was a Frommagier while living in Cleveland, OH


  • Trombonist:  Joe Alessi 

  • Band: Reel Big Fish - I love Ska!

  • Quote:  "I've made a huge mistake."  (Arrested Development)

  • Bynumism:  "Just another day in paradise!"

Kyle Moore

MM Bass Trombone Performance

Hometown: Madison, MS

Education: University of Southern Mississippi



  • Shires - Custom Series w/Hagmann Valves

  • Greg Black 1 5/16G


Recent Accomplisments:

  • UGA Concerto Competition Finalist

  • 2018 STS Performers Class

  • 2018 Sewanee Summer Music Festival

  • Senior Honors Thesis: The Commission Process

  • 2017 STS Performers Class

  • President - Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia (Eta Phi)



  • ITA

Fun Fact:  Dog-sits for free and will wreck your face in a game of Munchkin


  • Artist: Toby Oft - recordings and FB Live sessions are so inspirational!

  • Artist/Band: Esperanza Spalding - brilliant, versatile singer/bassist

  • Quote: “The happiest genius will hardly succeed by nature and instinct alone in rising to the sublime. Art is art; he who has not thought it out has no right to call himself an artist. Here all groping in the dark is vain; before a man can produce anything great, he must understand the means by which he is to produce it.” (Goethe)

Erik Prince

BA Music - Senior

 Hometown:  Dearing, GA

Education: Thomson High School



  • Eastman by Shires & King 2B
  • Greg Black - NY4

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Redcoats - Section Leader



  • ITA 

Greer Blackmon

BME - Senior (Bass Trombone)

 Hometown:  Woodstock, GA

Education: Trion High School


  • Bach 50A (Hagmann)
  •  Bach 1G


  • ITA
  • CNAfME

Fun Fact:  I love rock climbing!


  • Trombonist:  Paul Pollard (Up From Below was the first trombone album I ever listened to, and it changed what I thought was possible on the instrument.  Perfect mix of powerful, expressive, yet technical playing)

  • Artist/Band:  Weezer (Blue Album is the best!)

  • Quote: "You take your car to work, I'll take my board.  And when you're out of fuel, I'm still afloat." (Rivers Cuomo) 

Assata Bellegarde

BM Performance - Junior (Bass Trombone)

Hometown: Stone Mountain, GA

Education: Stephenson High School


  • Edwards B-454E

  • Bach 1G

Recent Accomplishments:

  • 2017 STS - Performer's Class

  • Norrell Scholarship Recipient


  • ITA

Fun Fact:  I do things other than play trombone!


  • Artist: Jim Markey (a great player and a chill guy!)

  • Artist/Band: Blood Orange (great music that speaks well on the struggles of all African Americans)

  • Quote: "...and to cultivate our personal life, we must first set our hearts right." (Confucius)

Andrew Taylor

BM Performance - Junior

Hometown: Kennesaw, GA

Education:  Carlton J. Kell High School


  • Edwards T-350E

  • Greg Black 4.5 GSD


Recent Accomplishments:​​

  • MTNA Young Artist Brass Competition - First Alternate

  • Eastern Music Festival

  • Sewanee Summer Music Festival

  • Principal Trombone - Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra

  • First Chair - GMEA All State Band (3 consecutive years)


  • ITA

Fun Fact:  I have been to more countries than US states


  • Trombonist: Joe Alessi (he epitomizes everything I want, from his tone to his technique...and especially his attention to detail)

  • Artist/Band: Hans Zimmer (not exactly popular artist, but he has written a few of my all time favorite songs.  I love how he works with simple harmonies and adds minimal melody to create a texture that is absolutely surreal). 

  • Quote: "The future is not set.  There is no fate but that which we make for ourselves." (John Connor)

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Calvin Morris

DMA Trombone Performance & Pedagogy

 Hometown: Deerfield Beach, FL


  • MMEd - University of Florida

  • BME - Florida A&M University



  • Shires Custom with Tru-Bore Valve

  • Griego Alessi 3


Recent Accomplisments:

  • Director - Stephenson High School Trombone Choir (2017 GMEA Performers)

  • Associate Director - Stephenson High School Bands (2016-18)

  • Director - Stone Mountain High School Bands (2013-16)



  • ITA

  • Cobb Wind Symphony


  • Trombonists: Joseph Alessi (His sound from bottom to top is remarkable.  I fell in love with his sound as a young musician, and have been chasing his approach to the instrument ever since).    Wycliffe Gordon (I love his inflection and style --- he was the first professional player I ever heard)

  • Ensemble: CSO

  • Quote: "I've come to believe that each of us has a personal calling that's as unique as a fingerprint, and that the best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others in the form of service.  Working hard, and also allowing the energy of the universe to lead you."  (Oprah Winfrey) 

Noah Jackson

BME - Junior

Hometown: Waycross, GA

Education: Ware County High School



  • Getzen Custom Series

  • Greg Black 4GM


Recent Accomplisments:

  • Norrell Scholarship Recipient

  • GMEA All-State Band



  • ITA


Fun Fact:  I only have one functioning kidney.


  • Trombonist: Wycliffe Gordon    (he's the GOAT)

  • Artist: Michael Bublé

  • Quote: "Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence." (Vince Lombardi)  

Marley Gilbert

BM Composition - Junior

Hometown:  Woodstock, GA 

Education: River Ridge High School


  • Bach 42 BO 
  • Bach 5G

Recent Accopmlishments:

  • District Honor Band (2014-16)


  • ITA
  • Sigma Alpha Iota


Fun Fact:  I'm a huge fan of horror movies!


  • Trombonist:  Paul Pollard (his tone is so pure and relaxed)

  • Artist/Band:  The Lumineers (their lyrics are odd but relatable)

  • Quote: "If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball." (Patches O'Houlihan)

Brandon Shook

BME - Junior

 Hometown:  Clarkesville, GA 

Education: Habersham Central High School


  • Bach 42BO
  • Greg Black 5.25M


  • ITA


Fun Fact:  I can solve a Rubik's Cube in under 90 seconds


  • Trombonist: Mark Lawrence (such impeccable quality, especially in the upper register)

  • Artist/Band: John Mayer (great music!)

  • Quote: "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." - Wayne Gretzky (Michael Scott)

  • Bynumism: "Just a little bit of daylight between those notes."  

Will Panter

BME - Sophomore

Hometown: Blue Ridge, GA

Education:  Fannin County High School


  • Conn 88HO
  • Schilke 50L

Recent Accomplishments:

  • HHSOM Ambassador
  • Dawg Camp Counselor
  • Redcoats Rank Leader
  • Governor's Honors Program


  • ITA


Fun Fact:  I am a trained paranormal investigator!


  • Trombonist:  Jeremy Wilson (his quality of sound and incredible way of emoting through the instrument really speaks to me)

  • Artist/Band: Big Time Rush

  • Quote: "Comparison is the thief of joy." (Theodore Roosevelt)

Nick Evans

AB Music - Junior

Hometown: Elberton, GA

Education:  Elbert Co. Comprehensive


  • Bach 42BO
  • Greg Black 4G NY

Recent Accomplishments:

  • District Honor Band - 1st Chair
  • All State Band


  • ITA


  • Trombonist: Mark Lawrence (especially his recording of Thoughts of Love!)

  • Artist/Band: Sidewalk Prophets (they have so many worship songs, but my favorite is You Love Me Anyway)

  • Quote: Pray hardest when it is hardest to pray

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Joel Clevenger

MM Trombone Performance

Hometown: Hollansburg, OH

Education: Jacksonville State University



  • Edwards T-350E

  • Doug Elliott 102-I9


Recent Accomplisments:

  • 2017 STS Participant Class



  • ITA


Fun Fact:  I've lived in 7 states (so far!)


  • Trombonist: Joe Alessi 

  • Artist/Band: Van Halen

  • Quote:  "Around here, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things, because we're curious...and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths." (Wallt Disney)

  • Bynumism: "Leaps are the most musically expressive moments in music, so don't rush through them. Why would you drive right by the Grand Canyon without at least stopping to check it out?"

Callan Russell

Music Minor - Junior

 Hometown: McDonough, GA

Education: Eagles Landing Christian 


  • Shires Custom - TruBore Valve
  • Stork 5S

Recent Accomplishments:

  • UGA Honor's Program
  • Governor's Honors Program


  • ITA


Fun Fact: I played softball for 15 years, and my team won the world series


  • Trombonist:  Nitzan Haroz (his expression, phrasing, tone quality, and overt musicality are phenomenal)

  • Artist/Band: Bruno Mars (he's a great and lively performer, and I appreciate the fact that he incorporates a live horn section into his music)

  • Quote: "Be kind whenever possible.  It is always possible."  (Dalai Lama) 

Matt Knox

AB Music - Junior

Hometown:  Blackshear, GA

Education:  Pierce Co. High School


  • Edwards T-350 with Bach slide

  • Greg Black 4.5


  • ITA

Davis Clark

BME - Sophomore

Hometown: Watkinsville, GA

Education: Oconee County High School



  • Edwards T-350E

  • Griego Nouveau 4.5

Recent Accomplishments:

  • GMEA All State (3 years)


  • ITA


Fun Fact:  I have written, recorded, and produced a podcast.


  • Trombonist:  JJ Johnson & Kai Winding (their albums introduced me to a sound and style I didn't know was possible on the trombone)

  • Artist/Band: Beastie Boys (excellent inclusion of samples, double-entendre, production, and synergy between the group members)

  • Quote: "Speed has never killed anyone.  Suddenly becoming stationary...that's what gets you."  (Jeremy Clarkson)

Crews Owen

BM Performance - Freshman

Hometown: Norcross, GA

Education:  Norcross High School


  • Shires Custom w/Axial Flow Valve
  • Shires 5G
  • Recent Accomplishments:

  • 2017/18 - Atlanta Youth Wind Symphony
  • 2018 - Southeast Trombone Symposium Artist Class
  • 2018 - Atlanta Youth Orchestra
  • 2017 - Governor's Honors Program
  • Membership:

  • ITA

  • Fun Fact:  I'm a huge Disney fan!


  • Trombonist: Joseph Alessi (incredible phrasing and outstanding technique)

  • Artist/Band: John Williams (greatest film composer of all time!)

  • Quote: "Do.  Or do not.  There is no try." (Yoda - Jedi Master)

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    Stephen P. Mahoney Memorial Scholarship


    1990: Heather Case

    1991: Alexis Byrne

    1992: Tom Meehan

    1993: John Wright

    1994: Ray Buck

    1995: Jason Halliday

    1996: Kevin Hyde

    1997: James Grandinetti

    1998: Angie Slaughter

    1999: Bryan Poteet

              Marcus Adams

              Travis Sari

              Joey Earnhardt

              Matt Koperniak

    2000: Brian Westphal

    2001: Kevin Hyde

    2002: Brian Westphal

    2003: Will Marlow

    2004: Anthony Casedonte

              Ben Jarrett

    2005: James Anderson

    2006: James Pannell

    2007: Allison Martin

    2008: James Pannell

    2009: Jennifer Torsiglieri

    2010: James Richards

    2011: Erin Cundiff

    2012: Greg Miller

    2013: Greg Miller

    2014: Thomas Carroll

    2015: Paul Nelson

    2016: Brad Gwynn

    2017: Duncan Lord

    2018: Erik Prince


    Steven Norrell Trombone Scholarship


    1993: Jason Altieri

    1994: Jason Halliday

    1995: Wade Hasty

    1996: Greg Leathers

              Bret Hydrick

    1997: Jim David

    1998: Joshua Hauser

    1999: David Daily

    2001: Charles Reneau

    2002: Charles Reneau

    2003: Charles Reneau

    2004: Alan Hamm

    2005: James Anderson

    2006: James Pannell

    2007: James Pannell

    2008: Alan Hamm

    2009: Thomas Minor

    2010: Tim Pounds

    2011: Gray Amonette

    2012: Kevin Schoeller

    2013: Thomas Carroll

    2014: Jake Reeves

    2015: Jake Reeves

    2016: Paul Nelson

    2017: Assata Bellegarde

    2018: Noah Jackson


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