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The UGA Trombone Studio is comprised of students from around the country who are both goal-oriented and self-motivated.  Maintaining this standard of excellence is what ensures that the proud tradition of this studio will continue.  The studio maintains a supportive environment of  collegiality, which encourages individual and collective growth - even in competition.  Students are expected to take personal responsibility for their musical growth. 


Members of the UGA Trombone Studio are actively involved in every facet of the instrumental program in the Hugh Hodgson School of Music, performing in virtually every ensemble.   In addition to University commitments, studio members actively pursue outside performance opportunities, including:  solo competitions, summer festivals, orchestral auditions, workshops, and developing their musical curiosity and awareness.  

"Perfection is not attainable...but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence."


  • In addition to weekly lessons, members of the trombone studio participate in UGA Trombone Choir, Hodgson Trombone Ensemble (select group), smaller chamber groups, and weekly masterclass sessions.  These opportunites are built into the weekly schedule, meeting on Monday/Friday at 11:30am, and Friday at 1:50pm.


  • The Choir & Ensemble rehearses twice a week, and performs a wide range of repertoire including arrangements and transcriptions by studio members.  The ensemble serves as a pedagogical tool, reinforcing basic concepts such as blend, balance, intonation, and style.  


  • Chamber groups, such as trombone quartets, promote individual excellence and are more student-driven.  Each group rehearses at least once a week on their own in preparation for a weekly coaching session with Dr. Bynum and studio TAs.  


  • Weekly masterclass sessions are comprised of both topical discussion (history of the instrument, current trends, and pedagogical philosophy) and performance (solo, etude, and mock orchestral auditions).  The studio also hosts a regular series of Guest Artist clinics during this time.


  • There is a weekly group warmup to focus on establishing a consistent and thoughtful routine. We also have weekly collaborative practice sessions, where we explore a range of topics and methods together...exchanging ideas on how best to approach and incorporate this material into our weekly practice regimen.  The spring semester also features a weekly Orchestral Repertoire class, during which selected students will cover prominent repertoire from both section and audition perspectives.  


  • Prospective students and visitors are welcome and encouraged to attend ensemble rehearsals and masterclass sessions.  Should you be interested, please contact Dr. Bynum in advance for scheduling. 




  • Luke Anders (AB): Medical College of Georgia

  • Riley Bahin (MM): Trombone Studio TA | University of Colorado at Boulder 

  • Tylan Davis (BME): Director of Bands | Swainsboro High School

  • Greer Blackmon (BME): Director of Bands | Henderson Collegiate Middle School (N.C.)

  • Austin Blake (MM): Trombonist | U.S. Navy Pacific Fleet Band

  • Erin Cundiff (BME): Atlanta Chamber Brass | Freelance Musician & Educator

  • Wyatt Dover (AB):  U.S. Army Regional Bands | Bass Trombone

  • Claudine Gamache (DMA): Guest Conductor | Conservatoire de Musique de la Monteregie

  • David Gonzalez (DMA): Trombonist | U.S. Air Force Concert Band | Washington, D.C.

  • Noah Jackson (BME): Director of Bands | Brantley County High School

  • Blake Lawson (MM):  Trombone Instructor | Limestone University

  • John Lopez (DMA):  Director of Bands & Low Brass | Carson Newman University

  • Greg Miller (BME): Director of Bands | Woodward Academy | Lower School

  • Kristina Nash (BME): Elementary Music Director | Kingsley Elementary School 

  • Derrick Nolen (BME): Director of Bands | Stephens County High School

  • Dave Nelson (BM): NY Freelance Trombonist & Producer | The Knight Orchestra

  • Paul Nelson (BM): Los Angeles Based Freelance Musician & Educator

  • Matt Norman (MM): Houston Based Freelance Musician & Educator

  • Jamie Pannell (BM): Lower School Music Director | Bentley School | Oakland, CA

  • Casey Plyler (MM): Director of Bands | Mason Creek Middle School

  • Tim Pounds (BME): Educational Sales Representative | Music & Arts

  • Allison Powell (BME): Elementary Music Teacher | Gwinnett Public Schools

  • Charles Reneau (BM): Oregon Symphony Orchestra

  • Mike Rostin (BME):  Low Brass Instructor & Director of Jazz Studies | River Ridge High School

  • Hunter Todd (BM): Faculty Affairs Coordinator | American University 

  • Matt Walley (MM): Trombone Instructor | Rowan University 

Stephen P. Mahoney Memorial Scholarship


1990: Heather Case

1991: Alexis Byrne

1992: Tom Meehan

1993: John Wright

1994: Ray Buck

1995: Jason Halliday

1996: Kevin Hyde

1997: James Grandinetti

1998: Angie Slaughter

1999: Bryan Poteet

          Marcus Adams

          Travis Sari

          Joey Earnhardt

          Matt Koperniak

2000: Brian Westphal

2001: Kevin Hyde

2002: Brian Westphal

2003: Will Marlow

2004: Anthony Casedonte

          Ben Jarrett

2005: James Anderson

2006: James Pannell

2007: Allison Martin

2008: James Pannell

2009: Jennifer Torsiglieri

2010: James Richards

2011: Erin Cundiff

2012: Greg Miller

2013: Greg Miller

2014: Thomas Carroll

2015: Paul Nelson

2016: Brad Gwynn

2017: Duncan Lord

2018: Erik Prince

2019: Davis Clark

2020: Davis Clark

2021: David Cain

2022: Tylan Davis

2023: Jonas Ventresca


Steven Norrell Trombone Scholarship


1993: Jason Altieri

1994: Jason Halliday

1995: Wade Hasty

1996: Greg Leathers

          Bret Hydrick

1997: Jim David

1998: Joshua Hauser

1999: David Daily

2001: Charles Reneau

2002: Charles Reneau

2003: Charles Reneau

2004: Alan Hamm

2005: James Anderson

2006: James Pannell

2007: James Pannell

2008: Alan Hamm

2009: Thomas Minor

2010: Tim Pounds

2011: Gray Amonette

2012: Kevin Schoeller

2013: Thomas Carroll

2014: Jake Reeves

2015: Jake Reeves

2016: Paul Nelson

2017: Assata Bellegarde

2018: Noah Jackson

2019: Assata Bellegarde

2020: Cullen Findley

2021: Jonas Ventresca

2022: Dalton Hooper

2023: David Cain


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