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Kristina Nash| Bachelor of Music Education & Business Minor | Senior

Kristina Nashjpg_edited.jpg
  • Hometown: Oakwood, GA

  • Education:   Johnson HS

  • Equipment:  Bach 42 BO

  • Mouthpiece: Doug Elliott 102 H9

  • Quote:  “Music enhances the education of our children by helping them to make connections and broadening the depth with which they think and feel. If we are to hope for a society of culturally literate people, music must be a vital part of our children’s education.”  

                                                                                                                                        --- Yo-Yo Ma

Kristina Nash is a third year trombone student pursuing a Bachelor degree in Music Education from the Hugh Hodgson School of Music and a General Business minor from the Terry College of Business. She has worked in ensembles including the UGA Wind Symphony, UGA Symphonic Band, UGA Trombone Choir, and the Redcoat Marching Band.

In the Fall 2021 football season, she served as one of the section leaders for the Redcoat trombone section. She also has acted as co-principal trombonist in the Symphonic Band, as well as currently in the Wind Symphony. Along with these, she has also worked in the pit orchestra of Baptist Collegiate Ministry's production of Shrek: The Musical (2020), and Sister Act (2022).

When Kristina graduates in spring '23, she hopes to find a position as really any music teacher. She decided to pursue the field of education because school had always held a special place in her life, and band classes in particular made the not so fun parts of school worth it. She sees the value in music education in all grade levels, and at the moment feels she could fit with any grade level. As long as she knows she is making a positive impact in someone's life, she will go wherever the wind takes her.

Outside of her college education, Kristina enjoys simply being around her friends, family, and her rescue boxer Berta. For more information on Berta (or pictures), please feel free to reach out! Kristina is also a very big TV show and podcast gal, so feel free to drop any recommendations her way!

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