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Kyle Moore |DMA Trombone Performance & Pedagogy | Bass Trombone

  • Hometown: Madison, MS

  • Education:   University of Southern Mississippi | BM & BME

    •   University of Georgia | MM

  • Equipment:  Edwards B454

  • Mouthpiece: Greg Black  1 5/16 G 

  • Quote:  “The happiest genius will hardly succeed by nature and instinct alone in rising to the sublime. Art is art; he who has not thought it out has no right to call himself an artist. Here all groping in the dark is vain; before a man can produce anything great, he must understand the means by which he is to produce it.” --- Goethe

Mississippi native Kyle Moore currently serves as the graduate teaching assistant for the trombone studio and as trombone instructor for the Community Music School at the University of Georgia.


As a winner of the 2019 Jacqueline-Avent Concerto Competition, he performed Ralph Vaughan Williams’ Concerto for Bass Tuba with the Festival Orchestra at the Sewanee Summer Music Festival. He has also appeared as a soloist with the UGA Trombone Ensemble and with members of the University of Southern Mississippi Trombone Choir.

Kyle has been a finalist in the American Trombone Workshop’s National Solo Competition and in the UGA Symphony Orchestra Concerto Competition. He’s also performed in masterclasses led by Jeremy Wilson, Zoltan Kiss, James Markey, Toby Oft, and Jörgen van Rijen, among others.  Kyle has been selected as part of the participant class for the Southeast Trombone Symposium, Third Coast Trombone Retreat, Santa Fe Trombone Summit, and Georgia Trombone Summit.  

In addition to his online teaching commitments and performing schedule in the Southeast, Kyle has performed with the Georgia, LaGrange, Mobile, and Mississippi Gulf Coast Symphony Orchestras, as well as Big Band Atlanta, the Gulf Coast Big Band, and the jazz fusion ensemble Misnomer. 

Kyle’s passions include, but are not limited to, pedagogy, physiology, yoga, coffee, writing, and injury prevention and recovery. His primary teachers include Dr. Joshua Bynum, Dr. Martin McCain, Dr. Ben McIlwain, and Mr. Justin Harvison.

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